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Signature: 60 min $85 · 90 min $110

The most complete massage for relaxation. Pure pampering for your aching muscles, combined with swedish massage techniques, hot towels, aromatherapy oils and therapeutic stretches. A must try!

Tui Na Massage: 60 min $100 · 90 min $130

Experience one of our most popular massages, a technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Unique hand techniques combined with therapeutic and relaxing stretches improve energy (qi), overall health and blood flow throughout the body, achieving balance.

Deep Tissue: 30 min $50 · 60 min $90 · 90 min $120

This technique targets the deepest layers of muscle and connective tissue. The massage therapist uses slower strokes and friction techniques across the grain of the muscle. Used for chronically tight or painful muscles, repetitive strain, postural problems, and recovery from injury

Thai Massage: 60 min $100

Immerse in this therapeutic technique inspired by ancient yoga. Thai massage is performed on a floor mat where the therapist uses his or her hands, knees, legs and feet to move you into a sequence of postures. It’s like yoga without doing any of the work. More energizing than other forms of massage, it reduces stress and improves flexibility and range of motion.

Ashiatsu: 30 min $55 · 60 min $100

Originated in the Far East, “Ashi” means foot and “atsu” means pressure. The therapist balances and uses bars that are securely attached to the ceiling to apply very deep yet relaxing pressure with their feet to the body. The broad surface area of the foot creates a unique experience for the muscles – a warm, soothing stretch without the discomfort that may accompany other deep treatments.

Sports Massage: 60 min $90

Invigorate your muscles with stretching and traction techniques to relieve pain and discomfort, while improving your range of motion. The focus is on preventing and treating injury and enhancing athletic performance.

Couples Massage: 60 min $180

Share the experience with your loved one or friend. Both of you will receive a massage at the same time and in the same room with two of our professional massage therapists. Essential oils are used to promote relaxation for a truly unique and relaxing experience. Surprise your loved one or friend on their birthday, anniversary or special occasion. A definite must have!

Mother-to-be Massage: 60 min $90

Specifically tailored to the needs of the expecting mother during a time of rapid change. Relax tense muscles, improve mobility, calm your baby and increase blood flow.

Chair Massage: 1 min $1

Relax, revive & rejuvenate. A great way to energize your day with a fresh and relaxing touch. Perfect for a quick mini escape during your lunch break or for corporate events.

Body Treatments

Sea Mud Body Wrap: 65 min $90

Mud soothes away aches and pains and completely relaxes you. Exfoliate and purify your whole body with enzymatic sea mud and calming botanicals to renew, revive, and deeply hydrate your skin.

Detox Thermal Body Therapy: 45 to 60 min $80

Eliminate body toxins and refresh with Seaweed, herbal oils, and heat as your body stimulates blood flow, increasing oxygen and detoxifying the body.

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